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Know a Nominee: Judge Justin Walker to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    Robert (Steve) that Mitch rule you quoted was Supreme Court Justices not federal judges. If one of the Supreme Court Justices retired or died tomorrow I would discourage President Trump from violating that gentleman’s agreement. Now when the Dems get control of the senate they may rip up the agreement. If a vacancy pops up as I said we can wait until Election Day in just 138 days. Once the election is over in early November President Trump would then be able to pick a nominee for that position. It takes several months to get a candidate through the process visiting Senators on each side. Now if Biden was to win the election he would have to wait until January 20th to name his nominee probably Hillary or Mrs Obama or Mrs. Harris If the Republicans loose the Senate and President Trump wins he will a hard time getting his top 10 choices through the process. As a side note Nancy wants to keep the house and the Dems want to win the Senate which would lead to a President Trump impeachment proceedings and he would be impeached. The President after the election wins and the Dems start their hearings he should talk with Vice President Pence to immediately come up with his choice for Vice President and on the next day resign and Pence would now be President Pence and in his acceptance name his new Vice President. Otherwise I am sure that he would be a dead man literally as if he don’t name him immediately and he should have that unsuspected heart attack or be killed then Nancy would become President.

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