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Republicans Introduce Comprehensive Police Reform Legislation - What’s in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • Nicolas
    Voted Oppose

    The only thing I actually like in this bill is making lynching a hate crime. Everything else is either completely toothless or based on methods of accountability that clearly don’t work. Give cops *even more funding* so they can buy body cams that mysteriously stop working when excessive force is utilized. Trust them to oversee themselves after decades of lies, noncooperation, and open hostility to any form of accountability. *Incentivize* them to stop using chokeholds! Incentivize! “Could you *pretty please* stop murdering unarmed black people, mister officer?” Reformist policies will always be a half-measure on the road to meaningful change, and it’s even worse when time and time again these institutions contemptuously ignore even the most inoffensive checks on their power. (Looking at you, Seattle teargas ban that was violated two days later) We don’t need to settle for a less-tyrannical police force. Every one of us deserves to live a safe, happy life. And if our political institutions run contrary to this goal, there’s no reason to keep them around.

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