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President Trump to Designate Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization For Inciting Riots & Hijacking Peaceful Protests
by Causes
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    The regressive movement (KKK, Boogaloo, Proud Boys, etc) is an affiliation of organizations seeking to dispose of democratic freedom. Antifa is a philosophy that seeks to secure and nurture it. The regressives glorify the world of The Axis, The Confederacy, and the Monarchy and cast the valor of the Greatest Generation’s storming of Omaha Beach, the Underground Railroad’s defiance of slaveholder tyranny, and the sacrifice of the Patriots as subversive. The philosopy of anti-fascism (Antifa) is nothing more than the belief that the American Experiment our forefathers so boldly brought to be in 1776 must be cherished and protected. The attempt by Trump to have Antifa declared a terrorist organization (particularly in the absence of a similar call for these regressive groups) shows what side of history he is on. In these days of discarding monuments to inhumane historical figures, it is essential that we remove the living monument to villainy that occupies the White House today. VOTE!


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