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President Trump Signs Executive Order to Increase De-Escalation Training for Police, Ban Chokeholds In Most Instances
by Causes
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  • Gypsy z
    Voted Excited

    This is a start. I will tell you my spiel; We need the police esp. to protect our seniors and our children. The Police need a overhaul- big time! They need to be fit, Physically and Mentally. They need to be educated....etc. I am tired of seeing a fat Police shooting people on their backs instead of running after the perpetrator. Lots of unfit cops in D.C. Keep these cops behind a cubicle! Without the Gun. Yes, I am fat shaming Them! This is a tough job and we have lots going on out there esp. Young peoples acting up a storm! You must enhance the standards of policing .. Get with the 21st Century Now b4 The Robots take over!


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