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Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision Protecting LGBTQ Workers From Discrimination Under Civil Rights Law
by Causes
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  • Henry
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    My experience with LGBTQ individuals ha not been good. As I have attempted to be friends with these individuals and have not been respected by them for being straight there for. I prefer not to be around them... Seems that everyone is so uptight about the treatment this group experiences but has forgotten the negativity that being around them can generate with the straight community. it is just as important that the gay community respect the straight community as it expects the straight community to respect it. I am not in favor of the gay community prospection amount minors to be gay. I do not accept the idea that other animals have gays because the mating habits are based on a different set of rules for procreation. Nor can I see that society .gins in a group that can not add new individuals to the society


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