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President Trump Signs Executive Order to Increase De-Escalation Training for Police, Ban Chokeholds In Most Instances
by Causes
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  • Sue
    Voted Angry

    This Fake Reform! It’s just another example of how this president and his administration corrupt actual legislation that is being done to bring about real changes to the way police behave and who they have to interact with . His plan is not a real plan but it’s tactics to block real legislation being made in Congress right now, to make headlines so he can say he did something, even though what he’s said allows the police to be and do the same as they have always done. That way he can get media attention for doing something about the racism and brutality in America’s police departments, when it doesn’t really make any changes and therefore give them the nod to be as racist and brutal as ever. Police need to do less and be retrained with Community Service at it’s core and not be this president’s Enforcement Squads ! This is a big and complex problem that has been growing for many years. This president has not given any real thoughts to these problems that need to be solved, like more money needs to go to social welfare, ptsd, ex-military, care for the desperate and mental ill health care systems. No he’s seen all of these protests as an opportunity to campaign and role play for cameras to fill his needs for attention and adoration. Those health agencies have been defunded leaving their care to those who are not only unqualified to care for them, but are being taught to enforce laws with military weapons and brutality. Many police are decent people who’s jobs have been changed by policies set by political leaders who defunded agencies that helped people cope with their lives and gave them hope. This doesn’t even address the racism that is allowed to run unchecked in almost all police forces. Racism that is deeply rooted in our own institutionalized and governmental agencies . Making people of color afraid for their lives more often than not. This group of words put out by someone in this president’s administration is NOT a solution, but evidence of how high up the problems actually go!

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