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Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision Protecting LGBTQ Workers From Discrimination Under Civil Rights Law
by Causes
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  • Tony
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    Well, let's look at the "behavior" of the LBGTQ "litigant" in his/her or it's decision to promote a "Gay" softball league on Government time and at taxpayer's expense. Is it proper to use Taxpayer funded equipment and taxpayer funded time, as an Civil Servant Employee, to promote a "private" organization or operation? Do we not FROWN on those who are working in government from promoting a POLITICAL PARTY or working for a political party or Candidate on taxpayer time and using taxpayer resources? Certainly, any "private corporation" would have the right to terminate any employee who was using company time to promote that which is solely a "private" enterprise. But here, a mere %5 of the total U.S. population, are trying to dictate discrimination policies simply because they have a mental disorder which causes them to suffer from gender "misidentification." This "disorder" is no different that suffering from schizophrenia, depression or other treatable mental disorder. Yet, those in the LBGTQ "community" keep trying to tell anyone who doesn't know better that this "disorder" is a "life style." That somehow, it's the same as being an African American of other minority, which the Civil Rights Laws were enacted to protect. HOG WASH! The SCOTUS was absolutely incorrect in allowing this case to be heard on the grounds that the "litigant," who is suffering from a mental disorder, is protected under the Civil Rights Act. Leave alone ruling in favor of the litigant. We already have laws on the books that prohibit employers from taking unlawful action against, firing or denying employment to those who have mental or physical disabilities and are able to work. Certainly, gender misidentification comes under such laws. However, again, said employee using company or government time to raise funds or recruit people to become part of or contribute to any organization or group should NOT be protected under the Civil Rights Act. As was apparently the case here. A grievous error was made by the SCOTUS in this ruling. It will have negative ramifications for both private corporations and our government employers alike. Allowing those who suffer from a mental disorder to be included in a group of people who experience discrimination based on the color of their skin, their ethnic background or religious beliefs, is an injustice! It demeans those which the Civil Rights Act was enacted to protect. As well as the very INTENT and SPIRIT of the law. It further legitimized the moral "degeneracy" practiced by those suffering from the disorder and opened the door to a wide range of litigation. Which will ultimately prove detrimental to those who are most vulnerable and innocent in our society. That being our children.

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