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Do You Want to Know Which Businesses Received Taxpayer-Funded Coronavirus Business Loans?
by Causes
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  • JunnaLayn
    Voted Yes

    Yes, the ass clown’s administration must reveal which businesses received COVID-19 loans. Not only which businesses, but the terms of each loan. Transparency, transparency, transparency! Let’s say I was CEO of a large business enterprise. I would need to answer to my board for every penny spent, wouldn’t I? In this metaphor, the ass clown is the CEO AND congress is the board. We the People PAY THEIR SALRIES to have OUR money spent the way WE want and to WHOM we want. It is human nature to believe the worst when something is being withheld. So, without knowing which businesses and the terms of each loan, the ONLY conclusion We the People have is OUR tax dollars were not spent ethically. VOTE BLUE ALL THE WAY THROUGH! 25TH AMENDMENT NOW OR MUTINY!

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