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Should Vote-by-Mail Ballots That Aren’t Received by Election Officials Until After Election Day Be Counted?
by Causes
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  • Tony
    Voted No

    This VOTE BY MAIL "campaign" is the BIGGEST HYPOCRITICAL FARCE YET to come out of the Mouth of Pelosi, Schumer and crowd. They FULL KNOW that Illegal Immigrant trash and those prohibited by LAW from voting in any election, will be able to vote. To be certain, some people will be able to vote in multiple states. How do I know this? Because I now live in New York State and I got a notice from MIAMI DADE COUNTY FLORIDA, via email, to PRINT UP A BALLOT ON LINE for a local election and return in by mail, to them within 30 days. I lived in Florida up until 2018. The Miami Dade Board of elections STILL had me on their voter rolls. I had to send them a letter to get removed from the Miami Dade voter rolls. The upcoming November 3, 2020 election should automatically be declared INVALID from the day mail in voting starts. IF it's ALLOWED to occur at all. Now, if tens of thousands of LIBERAL DEMOCRAT MORONS along with the BLM and ANTIFA TERRORISTS, can go out into the streets to RIOT, LOOT and BURN DOWN everything they see? Then CERTAINLY, WE should be able to VOTE, IN PERSON. It doesn't take a person with a degree in Political Science to figure this out. It's already bad enough that DEMOCRAT SPONSORED VOTER FRAUD is rampant in the CESSPOOL LIBERAL RUN STATES like New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California. To name but a few. In these open sewers of lawlessness, you don't even NEED Identification to vote. But they WILL HAND OUT DRIVER'S LICENSES TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CRIMINALTRASH so they can drive, buy booze and cigarettes. The Hypocrisy of the liberal Democrats is beyond contempt. ANYTHING to get rid of Donald Trump! No matter how much it cost the taxpayers, how many American people it will hurt or how ILLEGAL it is. I can't understand how any Democrat would put up with this VOTE BY MAIL SCAM. But hey, I see they are all sitting quietly while the local Wal Mart is being looted and the Wendy's restaurants are being burned to the ground by rabid thugs. So I guess they have no problem allowing an election of such magnitude to get RIGGED by the scum they elect in the Democrat party.


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