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‘Autonomous Zone’ Established by Seattle Protesters Demanding the Abolition of Police & the Court System
by Causes
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  • Tony
    Voted No

    First we had the "Russian Collusion" hoax perpetrated by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton. Which lead to a 3 year investigation, a report by a "special council" (Robert Mueller) at the cost of $30 Million taxpayer dollars. Which was based entirely on a phony document (Steele Document). A "weaponized" FBI and DOJ who was working to impeach and remove a duly elected President of the United States. None of which panned out for the Democrats.Then we had the COVID-19 farce. Wherein a known Democrat/Hillary Clinton supporter, who also happened to be the head of the NIH's division of Viruses and Infectious diseases (Dr. Anthony Fauci) lead our country into LOCKDOWN of the population and economic lockdown of the entire nation. The lockdown was abused by Liberal Democrat Governors and Mayors around the country. Who extended the lock downs well beyond their usefulness. Causing even more economic calamity and violations of citizens First Amendment Rights. The total cost when this "charade" is all over could be well in excess of some $5 to 8 TRILLION dollars. Now, we have a known thug in Minneapolis with an extensive "rap sheet." Who happens to be of the Negro persuasion, resisted arrest for "allegedly" passing out phony money in local stores in his neighborhood, (a Federal Offense). During his arrest, he was placed in a choke hold which contributed to his death by a Police Officer who has now been charged with murder. Even though the man had levels of illegal drugs in his system and was infected with the COVID-19 virus. The death of this Negro man sparked mass rioting, looting and arson in several cities around the country. Which was tolerated and indeed, promoted, by Liberal Democrat mayors and Governors in EACH of these cities and states. The main provocateurs and perpetrators of these acts of lawlessness? Two GEORGE SOROS funded domestic terrorist groups. BLACK LIVES MATTER and ANTIFA. Is all of this a COINCIDENCE that these "incidents" happened one after another? Well, if your a Socialist LIBERAL Democrat? The answer is yes. But if you realize what's been going on with the liberal degenerates in our Senate and Congress before and during the Trump Presidency? Then you also realize that all of this has been orchestrated to achieve a two goals. The removal of President Donald J. Trump from office and to usher in the downfall of Republic. All at the hands of a few Socialist Democrats and the "moderate" Democrats who sit in silence and fear of being called NON CONFORMISTS, or worse yet, RACISTS. Gutless and spineless, they are willing to watch as parts of their cities become "occupied zones." Replete with THUGS and "war lords" who are "shaking down" raping and harassing those law abiding citizens who are unfortunate enough to live in these "occupied" areas. Then, these same Democrats, call for the DEFUNDING of Police Departments across the country. Effectively rendering the Police powerless to enforce the law or "reclaim" these occupied areas from these radical animals who occupy them. All while the Democrats and the Corporate Controlled Liberal Propaganda Media Cheer on the radical Socialist Liberal Filth. The fact that the Democrat Party would allow the CITIZENS of this country to be subjected to this ongoing SUFFERING, due to an ONGOING CONSPIRACY to remove a sitting President, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, is BEYOND APALLING! It's OUTRIGHT CRIMINAL. The economic cost for this DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST INSURRECTION? OUTRAGEOUS! The cost in human LIFE? Mirrors that of any THIRD WORLD MILITARY JUNTA lead by a cadre of DESPOT WAR LORDS. Looking to overthrow the legitimately elected government and leader. I don't care what side of the "aisle" you sit on. Or what your political beliefs are. If you are sitting in your home, watching all of this travesty unfold and you are not sickened by any of it? Then you might as well just crawl into a corner. Because in a very short while, any semblance of what our country is or represents, will be gone. Welcome to the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF AMERICAN STATES. GOD help us all.


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