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Anti-Lynching Legislation Stalled in Congress Despite Bipartisan Support
by Causes
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  • Stephanie
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    These bills should be passed immediately! Anyone who would oppose this legislation is a racist and terrorist against the citizens of this country: Bipartisan bills to make lynching a federal hate crime that have passed both chambers of Congress with near-unanimous support are stuck in limbo, with each chamber resisting efforts to pass the other’s legislation. The two bills are virtually identical pieces of legislation, except for their titles & a budgetary impact clause in the House bill. Both would amend the federal criminal code to specify that lynching is a heinous crime that warrants an enhanced sentence of up to 10 additional years imprisonment under hate crimes statutes. For example, murder & attempted murder are already federal crimes that can be charged as hate crimes, and if enacted this bill would allow for an additional sentence in cases of lynching. Both bills also list numerous findings about the history of lynching, including that lynching “succeeded slavery as the ultimate expression of racism” after Reconstruction; at least 4,742 people (mostly African Americans) were lynched in the U.S. between 1882 & 1968; 99% of all lynching perpetrators escaped punishment; nearly 200 anti-lynching bills were introduced in Congress during the first half of the 20th century without enactment; and the Senate in 2005 formally apologized to victims of lynching for the failure of Congress to approve an anti-lynching bill.


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