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Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill Addressing Nat’l Park Maintenance Backlog, Confirms Circuit Court Judge
by Causes
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  • KansasTamale
    Voted Angry

    Not sure what the Republicans are up to except that they have gone 20+ years without caring one whit about our national parks & lands and NOW they are concerned enough TO stop stuffing the courts with ineligible & unqualified judges? Why aren’t they expanding unemployment after July ?? Why aren’t they concerned about the thousands of Americans falling sick & dying from COVID19 - the US had the 3rd highest number of cases in the world - what are they doing?? Ignoring the Pandemic, either not reporting or reporting them- and why aren’t they doing anything about Police violence on innocent protestors & just regular people going about their business. This National Lands bill has to have something in it for them. There is something going on behind the scenes here. The Republicans wouldn’t care one bit about anything to do with the national lands UNLESS it’s going to make them some money. So what are they doing.? It’s pretty obvious that they don’t care about the people because they’re not doing anything about the pandemic. And it’s pretty obvious They don’t care anything about justice because they don’t do anything about putting qualified people in as judges, And they’re allowing Trump & Barr to get by with everything that’s illegal, and it looks like Flynn is going to get by with lying & collusion with Russia. there has to be an Ulterior Motive with this bill on National Parks. I’m not agreeing to anything that the murderer in Chief of air, land, animals,& environment - Trump- has anything to do with. There has to be another reason.

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