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Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill Addressing Nat’l Park Maintenance Backlog, Confirms Circuit Court Judge
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    Hillary, play like you and you spouse were making say $8.00 per hour with 29 hours each because of Obamacare provisions. You would be considered pretty poor and would qualify for food stamps and probably rent assistance in most states. That being said since the Coronavirus hit the USA you would each have received $1200 each in stimulus, your unemployment would be $600 per week plus whatever the state is giving you with no requirement to look for work. That equals $15 per hour time 40 hours per week plus the state contribution. That for each of you. Plus you will still have got your food stamps. So I would say as a previous poor person you were just making more money than you ever had and done pretty good for a young couple. Hopefully you took this extra monies since you really couldn’t go many places because of the lock down and paid off a couple small bills and maybe saved a few dollars besides.

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