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Should Vote-by-Mail Ballots That Aren’t Received by Election Officials Until After Election Day Be Counted?
by Causes
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  • Nateinps
    Voted Yes

    Only up to 5 days tho. That way people can fill it out on Election Day. Actually I think to really celebrate our independents the day we vote should be July 4th and not 1 state give their numbers till November. That way the questionable ballots can be tracked down and verified. There won’t be such a hectic rush to get all the numbers in last minute. No more machines. Since Russia, China, and North Korea have all proven they can hack into our databases, why leave that as an option? Go to paper and have 2 dems, 2 reps, and 2 security personnel to count and triple check each other. Then November 3rd all state attorneys general have till 5pm local time to call the election office and give their numbers. Then we can be confident that any issues were taken care of. The electoral college will not be needed. Only the popular vote counts. For those in areas the think the electoral college is needed to help their party, may I suggest having policy and beliefs more people will get behind as the better option..


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