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Police Use of Force Data Tracking is Outdated, Not Standardized Across U.S.
by Causes
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  • larubia
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    Yes, not only tracking data for use of force, but other things need to be standardized across all police departments nationwide. Some of these include: training standards for new recruits, highly qualified status for police trainers, rigorous training for all officers that include sociology, psychology hours that total at least 300 hours: working with mentally ill/challenged adults, working with other races/cultures/religions/socioeconomic levels (Ruby Paine’s Culture of Poverty comes to mind), longer probationary periods and time spent with highly qualified mentors, training of proper restraint methods, and a ban of dangerous restraint methods (& swift justice for anyone who uses a banned methods). Police Departments should have the opportunity to share best practices in leadership conferences and share data of what is working in their communities. You can’t do better, until you know better-Oprah.

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