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Police Use of Force Data Tracking is Outdated, Not Standardized Across U.S.
by Causes
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  • jimK
    Voted Yes

    Yes, police use of force and abusive use of force reporting needs to be consistent and timely. You really cannot fix a problem if you cannot measure it. You cannot look for best practices in police organizations unless you have consistent and timely measures for meaningful comparison. Reported abuse incidents that are under investigation need to be flagged as such, since they ultimately may be found to be false or unwarranted. The time that an investigation remains open needs to be clear as well - to prevent investigations that go on forever until everyone just forgets (like the courts have allowed the trump to do by their glacial processes that prevent timely resolution of key constitutional issues regarding abuse of office until no-one cares about the abuses anymore). As an aside, officers found to have covered up abuses of fellow officers need to face stiff penalties, as well - or those abusive officers will never be honestly reported nor properly held to account by the ‘fellow-hood’ of officers which often over rules good judgement. And of course, ban choke holds, restrained captive tasing, turning off or not wearing body cams and dash cams and unwarranted use of force.

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