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Police Use of Force Data Tracking is Outdated, Not Standardized Across U.S.
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  • Joseph
    Voted Yes

    Yep! Absolutely! But especially whenever the officers weapon is drawn & whenever it is fired. Body cams would be a requirement. NO chokeholds of any kind, no knees elbows forearms fists on neck or above the torso! And no more than 2-3 officers per person! These 4, 5, 6 guys piling on is unnecessary & complete bullshit. But any armed police would be the request of last resort. Once the police are defunded, multiple individuals with expertise in mental health & negotiations who know the community would be called to try & sort things out non-violently with deescalation a priority. This would include traffic stops as well. If you don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing!

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