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Should Vote-by-Mail Ballots That Aren’t Received by Election Officials Until After Election Day Be Counted?
by Causes
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  • Lane
    Voted No

    Shouldn't even be allowed to vote by mail. You release criminals like the one that shot black Americsn David Dorn so they can pad your voter base. You stand by while BLM funds Actblue and drives people against one another. Neither biden nor fox news understands juneteenth is talking about june 19th. You sit back and let the schools indoctrinate our kids into hate. You let radical, racist, hateful blacks and whites change dictionary definitions and destroy the police by force. You are letting man be pitted against man. Liberty is dying for all. You want us muzzled and on lockdown and voting by mail, but you don't care if we gather en masse to destroy civilization. What a sad, whimpering end to the United States.

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