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Should Vote-by-Mail Ballots That Aren’t Received by Election Officials Until After Election Day Be Counted?
by Causes
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  • Haley
    Voted No

    I think there needs to be a different approach taken to make sure votes are received on time! Simply giving people more time doesn’t address the issue. There should be more organization and education BEFORE Election Day to make sure they are received in order to be counted! As someone else said, you need to respect everyone’s time. If citizens have trouble getting to a post office or mailing it in, try Oregon’s approach and have more convenient drop off areas available up until voting has ended. A lot of people don’t have time to wait in line for potentially hours (aka GA) but could easily drop off their ballot at a designated safe spot ahead of time. Meet the communities where they are instead of giving them more time but still making it just as inconvenient!

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