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Should the U.S. Declare the KKK a Terrorist Group?
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  • ZackyPacky
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    They aren’t already? Well, that’s embarrassing. We should get on that immediately. These measures are absolutely necessary, even if it is a mostly symbolic gesture. The KKK is a literal threat to our culture, democracy, and stability. I remember, back in high school, that I had to take an Oklahoma history course, since I grew up in Oklahoma. The teacher taught us about John Calloway Walton, who was Oklahoma’s governor about a century ago. He fought against the KKK chapters of our state, which was essentially the political party that was in control of the state, albeit unofficially. The KKK had become so entrenched in the state senate that the governor had to declare martial law to subdue them and avoid removal from office (he had been impeached). Obviously, this was only a temporary measure, and he did get removed from office. However, the same year, he was able to get an anti-mask bill passed. The people saw how unruly these KKK members had become, and supported the action. Now, it had become illegal for the Klan to rally while hiding their identities. People in OK were getting fed up with the Klan, so OK leaders had to distance themselves from the Klan. It would become public knowledge if they were members, since they could not wear their hoods. This crafty solution eventually ousted the Klan members who controlled our state’s government. I wish that was the end of the story, but the KKK is still alive and well in Oklahoma. Ignore their bullshit when they say that their organization has reformed to only “celebrate the white race.” It’s a smoke screen. This is an organization whose main tenant is to oppress those who are physically different. I can boldly say, without exaggerating, that these motives are selfish and evil. Some might read the actions of John Calloway Walton as too extreme, but that is incorrect. Those of us who want true democracy, freedom, equal rights, and equal opportunity must be willing to take drastic measures to fight authoritarianism, fascism, oppression, and hate. If Trump has taught us anything, it is that the organizations who foster hate will not be interested in playing by the rules.

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