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‘Autonomous Zone’ Established by Seattle Protesters Demanding the Abolition of Police & the Court System
by Causes
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  • fdbetancor
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    I don’t question the need for reform: police reform, sentencing reform, prison reform. All of these have been shown to suffer from systematic and pervasive bias against people of color. Too many people have their records blemished and lives ruined by very minor offenses, and far too many states still have or have re-instituted prison sentences for debt, an aberration already heinous in Charles Dickens’ times. But abolishing the police and courts completely is folly- no government on earth exists without law and no type of government is more needful just laws and good courts than a constitutional republic. What is the alternative? Historically it has been tyranny by the majority at first, descending finally into the worst form of absolutism. You don’t beed courts when the tyrant makes all the decisions and fixes all the punishments: but, trust me, the police is omnipresent in that system. So can we stop the madness and return a degree of common sense to the debate? We are not going to overthrow our entire legal system.

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