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Speaker Pelosi Calls for Purge of Confederate Statues From Capitol’s Statuary Hall, But Lacks the Power to Remove Them
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    While this kind of shit can live in museums... They should not be in venerated places. To put this in a more "current" time frame.. These statues were not put up till the Jim Crow era and beyond. They were not put up to "honor our heritage" they were put up to terrify black people. They were put up as a way to remind them that they were once slaves. What freaking "honor" is there to venerating traitors and those who *LOST* the civil war? I mean think of the freaking outrage the world would be in if Germany (and no offense to my German friends) started to put up Nazi generals and Hitler statues all over places where Jewish folks are living. Naming their bases after them.. It would be an absolute clusterfuck of outrage. And here we are, belatedly, but appropriately, correcting the issue. Those statues should have never been put up in the first place. Those bases need to be renamed. This country needs to grow up and past this colonial racist bullshit if we want to continue being that "Shining light on the hill".

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