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Speaker Pelosi Calls for Purge of Confederate Statues From Capitol’s Statuary Hall, But Lacks the Power to Remove Them
by Causes
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  • Christopher
    Voted No

    This demonicratic scripted narrative is so surrealistly twisted it makes one sick. What's more sickening is that these 'creatures' speak to a constituency that actually believes what they are saying. This is the demonicratic constituency and it's sickening to behold. I see the California commentary on its Congressional site and the majority here is 80 % Grade A malignant lunatics. So I don't know how the(se) people are actually getting the real message? The MSDNC needs to be shut down and replaced with legitimate news and public information - but the whole social media culture is infected with this profane insanity. Somehow I think we're nearing the 'Crossing the Rubicon' moment in this psycho-political evolution!

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