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Should the U.S. Declare the KKK a Terrorist Group?
by Causes
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  • Bicycler
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    Absolutely declare it a domestic terrorist group. On another note I had no idea that JimK was as badly damaged as I am. No wonder we are kindred spirits. Our electronic waves from metal discs must send and receive signals. We've must have been speaking code since mine were installed in Germany in 2006. I have 4 artificial discs; 2 Cervical, 2 Lumbar, and a re-sectioned left shoulder which was damaged in the same accident. I then shattered my Tibia/Fibula requiring plates. Subsequently developed a spinal cord injury from scar tissue which has caused severe neuropathy, neuropathic pain, paralysis and severe foot drop which means I cannot walk without a brace. Luckily I have Medicare which takes care of much of my medical care but I have always championed for healthcare for all and the Affordable Care Act was the best thing we had as there has not been the political impetus to get a much needed single payer system going in our country. Unfortunately the pandemic blew a hole in the idea that employer sponsored healthcare is the best system especially since many lost their coverage when they were laid off. Impoverished people were able to have Medicaid in the states which expanded Medicaid though this looks likely to be lost pretty soon because of the Supreme Court and the push from this administration and the Republican party ever since the ACA was passed. The other glaring omission is how African American's are more likely to be positive for COVID-19 and die from the disease because of the racial disparity from a lack of healthcare. This shows how systemic racism is in our country and how all of these hate groups and policies have to be defeated at all cost if we want a more equitable country for all Americans rather than the select few. I hope JimK. heals well. His opinions far outweigh the lame excuses for conservatives posting here as he writes intelligent, insightful, thoughtful answers which cannot be matched by the SneakyPete's, James, JustDave's and the other lunkheads who receive all of their signals from Faux Noise and the other talking heads who tell them how and what to think. The KKK has been around long enough. It's time it is placed in the trash can of horrible American history and left in books so we always remember why we got rid of it in the first place so it can never be resurrected. Be well JimK. I'm sure our adr's will be in touch.

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