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Speaker Pelosi Calls for Purge of Confederate Statues From Capitol’s Statuary Hall, But Lacks the Power to Remove Them
by Causes
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  • Lloyd
    Voted No

    Between Chicago, Baltimore, & Saint Louis 800 Blacks a year are killed, 3 city’s, 800 People, Blacks Killing Blacks, Where is the Protest????? All that is being said is Fraud Just in Dallas, Police make a million contacts a year, just Dallas, Add Chicago , Baltimore Saint Louis And Minneapolis, Total contacts with the public , It will pass 3.5 million Out of over 3/1/2 million contacts, You have 4 Police men acting as one For this. After 3.5 million other contacts Let’s shut down the Police Force Our Confederate Monuments are at Fault More than 1000 Blacks will be Killed by Blacks in those 4 towns, there is no Riot Just Chicago will kill 300, where is the Riot A Statue in Virginia or Washington DC will change that ?????? We can’t show history ???

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