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Senate Committee Approves Plan for Renaming Military Bases Named After Confederate Leaders
by Causes
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  • J.Maurice
    Voted Yes

    President Trump has vary well divided the nation as well gave green light to those whom Killed an or detain Blacks an other races but yet has lead to deaths as well to Police officers from there own or from An Air Force an military as well taken the powers being abuse of title or of badge yet being higher then ever , should ever happen I my self respect the law enforcement an military based on they’re to protect yet military sworn an oath to protect against fortunes domestic actors whom want to cause great scale of harm on the masses ... Law enforcement is to protect an respect its citizens of all levels to be a beacon of truth an hope an trust of doing no harm to honest ... reform must got to ending homelessness as well to better the poorest homes an better levels of education in poorest areas as surly needed

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