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Have You Participated in the George Floyd Protests?
by We Hold These Truths
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  • Tony
    Voted No

    Hmmmm…..George Floyd.....Holds gun to pregnant woman, threatens to kill her unborn child while robbing her home. Multiple counts of drug dealing. Has been sentenced to prison in the past. Likely dealt drugs to teenagers and young children. Gets caught passing phony money, a Federal offense. But for the fact that some idiot cop knelt on this thugs throat, killing him, the animal would have been back in prison. His two children haven't seen him in years. Didn't even recognize him when they saw him on TV. So it's unlikely he ever paid a dime in child support. Then, to add insult to injury, countless LIBERAL DEMOCRAT MORONS, anarchists and members of two GEORGE SOROS funded terrorist groups, ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER, run out into the streets to "protest." Destroying property, both public and private, looting and burning everything they see. Then the Liberal morons ELEVATE FLOYD to the status of "sainthood." It really could have been any Negro that was killed by the cop. It just happened to be Floyd. The Democrats and the anarchists were just waiting for this to happen. They didn't care. They took advantage when the time was right. In the middle of a pandemic when they could round up all the Liberal Democrat morons and young degenerates that were out of work to help them create chaos. This whole thing is a giant farce designed to undermine this republic. Yet another disgraceful and COSTLY attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency. The LUGHABLE PART? These Democrats who got down on bended knee wearing and African scarf around their necks think this will all be over if Trump is no longer President. The moron Democrats don't it yet. But they have created a FRANKENSTIEN that will come back to DESTROY THEM and this country.

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