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Should Chinese Communist Party Officials Who Concealed Information About the Coronavirus Pandemic Be Sanctioned?
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  • jimK
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    I think we have the horrific problems of the pandemic and civil unrest that need to be addressed by our legislature. What is the purpose of sanctioning China at this time? What good would it do, now? How does it help us to deal with the pandemic and issues driving our civil unrest, now? The only reason that I can see for this action at this time is for our governing leaders to deflect blame from their lack of leadership, planning, strategic planning, development or execution of any rational plan to control the pandemic and their unwillingness to acknowledge the systemic racism and unconscious bias that is prevalent. Beside all of that, how is the withholding of information by the Chinese province of WuHan until forced to be disclosed to the central government any different from states like Florida institutionally and systematically undercounting Covid-19 cases and mortalities or Midwest states and the meat packing industry refusing to release active employees Covid-19 infections or doctoring the Covid-19 mortality counts by blaming deaths on the symptoms of a Covid-19 infection instead of the disease per se? So, just what good does sanctioning China do? Shouldn’t we be fixated on our big problems and issues first? Shouldn’t we be engaging the world community instead of disrupting it while the world is searching for a world-solution for this pandemic? Shouldn’t we be engaging the worlds leading economies to plan for an equitable process to restore our intertwined world economies and bringing critically needed multinational supply lines back on line? Priorities and needs, dammit. Play your blame games later, when they cannot disrupt the needed world partnerships to restore public health and welfare as well as our international economies.

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