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Should the U.S. Declare the KKK a Terrorist Group?
by Causes
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  • Sharon
    Voted Yes

    The KKK was formed after the civil war to target those ‘uppity black people’. It is an insidious group of racism and hate along with all the other white supremacy groups that promote harm against others. While the south is the stronghold, you just need to look at all the other times they have raised their ugly heads, including the civil rights movement and the 1920 something march/parade in New York City that included the president’s father who was arrested. Jim Crow laws were a result of the KKK existing in the political arena at that time in history and pushing their agenda to suppress blacks in the south. Of course hate at this level is a disgrace in America, especially when so many GOP still support the original concept. They have been pretty much silent speaking out which in my mind silence = agreement.

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