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Have You Participated in the George Floyd Protests?
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  • larubia
    Voted Yes

    Yes, now that we’ve had a few cool (80’s & 90’s) days in Las Vegas, my family & I have protested. My nephew in Philadelphia has been bravely protesting from the beginning. He’s been tear gassed several times, but has some eye opening footage from this experience on the streets. I will always support equality & justice. If I’m not protesting physically, because of heat intolerance due to neurological damage, I am on Countable and other platforms letting my voice be heard. My heart goes out to all who have been disenfranchised, mistreated, hurt/killed by racism and know that we need major reforms in place and a societal shift before we begin to see the scales of justice begin to balance. We can do this! Yes we can. Se si puede.

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