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Senate Committee Approves Plan for Renaming Military Bases Named After Confederate Leaders
by Causes
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  • Jacob
    Voted No

    At this rate let us completely forget the Civil War even happened. Of course our nation has made mistakes along our way in history, but why remove parts of our rich history that prove we learn from our mistakes? Erase those troubling times and our future generations will repeat those mistakes; it will be the moment we truly failed the Americans to come after us. We must hold history dear to us and drive on perfecting our beautiful project we call America. Also, it is possible to to have respect for people whose philosophies and policies you do not agree with - why? Because they accomplished stunning feats. They were notable humans. Hitler, in all of his absolutely heinous accomplishments, has forever shaped this world. Lest we forget, however, another will rise in time and take his throne of being the most evil and cruel son of a bitch to exist. Be vigilant.


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