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Trump Suggests Injured 75-Year-Old Buffalo Protester Was ‘ANTIFA Provocateur’
by Causes
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  • Susan

    It’s not my way to join such an organization as Antifa, but didn’t we fight a war against fascism? I’d like to know where the President was told the 75 year old man was Antifa. And even if he was, he was one old guy. My real question is when did we become a nation that rips children from their families, that systematically demonizes opposing political parties, that blatantly lies to its people on a continuous basis, a government that chooses money and party over the good of its citizens, shoots its people instead of seeking other solutions. Lynching and violence are crimes fueled by anger and hatred. These crimes need to be categorized as hat crimes. And isn’t it high time we return to the nation we used to be, the one that was looked up to by the rest of the world?


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