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Senate Committee Approves Plan for Renaming Military Bases Named After Confederate Leaders
by Causes
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  • Susan
    Voted Yes

    Sometimes our elected leaders and military minds defy understanding. Why couldn’t this have just be done quietly and because it’s the right thing to do. The Confederacy committed high treason and sedition. Compassion is the only reason it’s leaders weren’t executed via firing squad! I get why people romanticize the Old South, far beyond racism. Big houses, good manners, beautiful gowns, they were told they fought for their lives against a government that hated them, they felt their dreams were taken away. Beware if that sounds oddly familiar lest history begin to repeat itself. We have a crisis of affordability in this nation, along with a divided people and tensions that build without leadership that unites. Please, please, please, be leaders that have learned from the past, that unite, that act for people first and not party politics. Changes don’t need to be announced and debated, they just need to be acted on and seen.

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