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Committees Fight For the Right to Investigate Russia & Flynn
by Causes
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  • Jay

    The actions of the President and his members and their involvement into Russia shouldn't not be pushed off to the side and waited upon! The stability and integrity of our country is at stake! Everyday that a formal investigation isn't being commenced is another day that the already fragmented state of our government and country becomes more fragmented! Wither you support the investigation or not, either you're a Trump supporter or not, you have to admit that something is seriously wrong with this Administration! His cabinet members need to stop being confirmed and his administration should not be taken seriously until we all know that, A. He and all members on his team can be trusted. B. We know the full extent of the Russian's involvement into our election and if it is to damaging I believe we do a re-election with republicans: Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. John Kasich; Democrats: Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Since we don't know how far back the Russians got involved and since we don't know who it positively or negatively effected in the Primaries or General Election it would only be fair. That way the Koch brothers can have another swing at getting Rubio and WE THE PEOPLE can get Bernie! Lastly, C. If the evidence against the president does arise to be damaging then not only President Trump but his entire staff should be impeached or forced to resign. This has never happened in the History of our country and it is important that we set the tone and the stage for how we handle something like this so that future generations know how to act and how quickly we did act! Our kids shouldn't have to look back in the history books and say,"Well the Russians interfered with our elections before and the Republicans didn't want to look into it or stop him. It took 3-6 months for them to even look into it and took 1-2 years to impeach him! Because there was such opposition in the Republican Party and they felt they had so much control they could handle him and get the things that they wanted..."unfortunately as history has told us. You can't control a crazy person or a person that thinks America is a Dictatorship where his Executive orders are law and no Court can override him. This is the beginning stages of Nazism and the rise of the 3rd Reich totalitarianism again. We, our government must stand up to him and cast aside your partisan and political issues for a short time and make this a National Security Bipartisan issue! Because it is!


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