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45% of Americans Are Feeling Depressed During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Are You?
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  • Gwendlyn
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    2020 has been snowballing since 2019. My mother’s health declined, then she died February 1st. The new coronavirus initially moved me from first to second shift, then I caught COVID-19 and was sick for a month. The week I was to return to work I was instead furloughed, with a footnote that the company had been hit so hard I should not expect a callback. Sure enough, furlough just turned into permanent layoff. The prospect of remote interviews is uninviting; I am sick to death of computer conferences. Already living with bipolar disorder, I am exhausted to the core. If I didn’t have dependents to care for, I’d be in a dark position dangerous for my wellbeing. And there is no end in sight.


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