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People of Color More Likely to Contract, Die from COVID-19 - How Do We Solve the Racial Gap?
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    Our Forefathers & Foremothers came here to escape religious persecution and a chance to work their own land. First we killed, enslaved and reprogramed the natives of this land before we threw them in unwanted areas of North America. Then when we found the Natives too unruly we captured, enslaved and reprogramed native peoples from another land. Fast forward 100 yrs and those same natives from another land(Africa) have been granted freedom... but not really. Fast forward another 100 yrs the children from those freed slaves have been given equality and the right to vote... but not really. If we have the temerity to call ourselves the land of the free, then everyone should really be free! Just like during the pre civil war era, the children of Africa are expected to behave and speak in a certain manner. They are socially judged by white standards and expected to adhere to white standards. As a teenager I found myself temporarily staying with a family of Africa’s children. There was a girl there my age. We started building a friendship by asking each other questions about our differences. It created respect between us. Maybe we need to go back to the basics. Europe’s children have been programmed to fear Africa’s children, while Africa’s children have been angry and abused for generations, and throughout all this our Native Americans have been pushed so far out of society and forced to forget much of their culture, their sense of themselves has been so vilified that generations of native children have been in pain. White America owes so much to to Africa’s children and the Native children. To truly be the land of the free, first we have to stand up and stand for and with each other. When a voice is silenced, white America needs to be that much louder. No one is safe or equal when white America stands by and allows inequality towards any group to occur. Our nation has a very long dirty history of racial bias: Native Americans, Irish, Africa’s children, Asians, Italians, Indians, Peoples of the Mid East/Muslims... White America is no better then any other ethnic group. We are not smarter or prettier. We are just the product of our ethnic groups as are so many others. We are a nation of judgementalists who need to embrace each other’s differences as a strength. We have to be the strength and voice to the downtrodden and voiceless... or someday it will be us.


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