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COVID-19 Pandemic Presents Income Challenges for Older Americans
by Causes
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    The rich keep getting richer. We must institute a wealth tax rather than continuing to defund essential social safety nets. We must also do more to provide specific IRS funding and incentives to ensure the top 10% are actually paying their fair share of taxes. MIDDLE CLASS TAX PAYERS ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO BE AUDITED THAN SOMEONE IN THE TOP 10%. Offer a 1% bonus for all IRS audits that results in detecting tax “errors” of $10,000 or more. Additionally put a wealth cap of 5 million on social security and use the additional funds to increase monthly social security for those seniors who need it. For those who state... but I paid in... My reply is... We all pay in for social safety nets like welfare, it doesn’t mean we all RECEIVE welfare. It simply means we all have ACCESS to welfare if and when we need it.

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