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People of Color More Likely to Contract, Die from COVID-19 - How Do We Solve the Racial Gap?
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • Linda
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    This is a subject I have done plenty of research on. Racial disparity is not so much limited to race as it is income inequality. It is well known that in the poorer neighborhoods there is a disproportionate number of disease victims due to poorer living conditions (such as overcrowding, unsanitary living conditions, higher illegal drug use, etc. ) as well as less access to good healthcare and health hygiene due to increased poverty levels that are common to such neighborhoods. With the current administration, the chances of this divide narrowing are probably pretty slim, if at all. What needs to be done is better access to quality medical care, better living conditions better access to employment services, as well as other services that the rest of us take for granted.

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