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People of Color More Likely to Contract, Die from COVID-19 - How Do We Solve the Racial Gap?
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • Jeffrey
    Voted Angry

    What strikes me is, the nation has gotten together as a people in protest of the tragic death of another black man, and yet we can't get together when a virus kills over one hundred thousand ( black and brown at higher mortality .) Where's the emotions for the tragic crys of I can't breathe from those victims who most certainly struggled for air far longer than 9 minutes. We seem to not care a lick that we have a president that wasted weeks, more likely months ignoring warnings from multiple agencies resulting in needless and tragic deaths by the thousands. By any measure, loss of life is far greater at trumps hands than the racist cop(s). Republicans, with the exception of Mitt Romney, should be held responsible for aiding and abetting trumps racist disdain for all people he considers disposable. His" one percenters rule " and working class can die so they can keep getting rich approach to the pandemic is an assault on humanity. How nobody notices racism on this scale, carried out by white men, and so called leaders of the free world is mind boggling. Why are we not angry about those senseless deaths? Or sad? Or something. Why are trump and his Republican accomplices not in jail awaiting trial? Oh yeah, executive privilege. Where in the constitution does it say gross neglegence on behalf of the president is acceptable? Not an offense to be prosecuted for failing to uphold his solemn oath to protect the American people? This isn't shooting just one person on main Street, this is slow suffocation inflicted on thousands of innocent Americans on every main Street in the USA. Where's the outrage or the movement nationally against political racism causing mass deaths? I believe if the majority of Americans voted intelligently racism would be voted out of our society, and by choosing not to vote, Americans are allowing racism to flourish. Get out and vote for our lives.

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