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Democrats Unveil Comprehensive Police Reform Legislation - What's in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • Chris
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    What have they been waiting for. The one that jumped out at me was the part about a bad cop being fired and just moving to another district and getting his job back. I grew up in small town USA. More than once I/we seen a cop get fired only to see him turn up two towns over. If we knew who he was you know the town knew who he was. WTF. The last “incident” was our chief of police finally got fired for some dam fool reason. He was offering woman the chance to “work off” their tickets and he had a scam where he would impound a vehicle he liked and then stash it out and after so many days he could pay the bill on it and keep it legally somehow. Seen people all the time come around looking for their cars and couldn’t find them.

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