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People of Color More Likely to Contract, Die from COVID-19 - How Do We Solve the Racial Gap?
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • Robert
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    Do we think this racial disparity might be from the lifestyles of the black race? I have noticed that they are a very loving community and do a lot more hugging and touching and kissing each other’s. There healthcare is more or less free especially for the kids through federal government programs and the poor are on these programs also and there is WIC programs and even during this virus epidemic the kids couldn’t go to school but were made sure they got free breakfast and lunches as they do every school day even though their parents might be home because of stay at home so the parents could make the supper meal. The parents if home got the stimulus money plus if they had to stay at home they got paid $600 per week each which equals $15 per hour time 40 hour week. Plus what ever the state gives them. If that person was earning near minimum wage they probably because of Obamacare was working 25-29 hours per week now they are earning this 40 hour per week $15 per hour wages which means they have more money to spend on better foodstuffs. The last and most important reason the ratio is out of wack is they have some of the conditions I have like diabetes high blood pressure maybe overweight like I am 30 lbs over myself. Heart disease like I have had quadruple bypass about 8 years ago and I am 70 years old. So since January I have tried to eat properly get plenty of sleep, have done walks around the block about a 1/2 mile walk. Have been taking my medicines and drinking plenty of water. I have been doing social distancing and unlike the white and black peoples that were out in the streets doing legal protest but forgetting their mask and doing that social distancing which would have made it look like larger numbers, they were arm in arm. I would have loved to have been out their too but it just didn’t seem like a wise thing to do. I am pretty sure in the next week we will see an increase in these numbers. That is if the doctors are right about the virus is still dangerous, in fact so dangerous that even though the Senate is in session for about 3 weeks now with no spread of the virus amongst the Senators that Nancy and her house doctor has determined that the house can’t go in session because they will all die even if they wear mask and use social distancing like the Senate. So yes this must still be dangerous.


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