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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Linda

    The phrase “defund” is a slogan word that is not sufficiently descriptive of the need for change. I’m hearing a need to reallocate resources to address the needs of the communities. A call for affordable housing, mental and medical health resources, school support, and jobs instead of adversarial and punitive policing by officers who are outfitted like storm troopers. More like “reimagining” not defunding. The police should be a part of the community-to protect and serve. There can be no more excuses for abusive and intimidating police and the inference that black people are more likely to be lawbreakers while white people are given a pass. Mutual respect and trust is the answer and it will only come with serious and monumental change to the excess powers that protect bad police departments. It’s up to us to demand the change in how our tax dollars are allocated. It’s up to us to vote.


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