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Black Lives Matter Sue Trump Administration Over Protest Violence - Do You Support the Lawsuit?
by Causes
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  • PRO-USA-Constitution
    Voted No

    Why not have Communist China sue us while you are at it? If any organization promotes violence then they need to be harshly dealt with. God help us to get back to sanity. It's not racist to have common sense and take a stand against looting, burning, beating people up, etc. I say you elected ones better deal very harshly with domestic terrorists or you will not be re-hired by the electorate. Take the organizers and try them for treason, sedition and insurrection and while you're at it, "scold them for not social distancing themselves." What hypocrisy and lack of decisive action of our leaders to defend the innocent and not stand up swiftly for law and order. Very disillusioned and heartbroken for the many victims.

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