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People of Color More Likely to Contract, Die from COVID-19 - How Do We Solve the Racial Gap?
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • howlingcastles
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    For too long communities of color have suffered from the epidemic of subpar healthcare (everything from exploitive medical/science research to horrific pregnancy and birth care). This must end. We need to have comprehensive (includes gp, vision, dental, mental health, reproductive health, specialties, etc), LGBTQIA+ inclusive, culturally aware singlepayer healthcare. We also need to address exploitative medical/science research. We should also push for more medical professionals of color (by addressing education gaps and gaps in internet service and tuition free higher education) this will help to ensure that patients of color can have the option to have a medical provider who shares a similar cultural and ethnic background to them - creating a safer space in which to receive care. Ultimately, we need singlepayer healthcare and to listen to the Black Lives Matter movement and Campaign Zero and communities of color regarding policy.

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