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People of Color More Likely to Contract, Die from COVID-19 - How Do We Solve the Racial Gap?
by Countable's Coronavirus Info Center
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  • Allanrdaz
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    COVID-19 has been an obvious telltale of a well known occurrence in America; good healthcare is for the wealthy and the non-colored. Republicans, take the blame for keeping the thumb on colored communities, in so many creative yet insidious ways. We must teach and love the bias that we stumble upon, out of our society. We suffer when social issues go decades without being addressed creatively. Define the benchmarks you will strive for. Adjust you course as needed remain vigilant at your watch, there is much at stake. MENTAL HEALTH reform must happen, police are not doctors, and jailers aren’t therapists. We need new Mental Healthcare programs, effective and broad in scope. Best, A Rosen-ducat

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