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Democrats Unveil Comprehensive Police Reform Legislation - What's in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • Daniel

    I do not support anything I have not seen or read so far everything they have put out has agendas that creat problems then helps. I like to know why they are not doing this with both parties? Why is this a ones sided bill and why has it taken 62 years of my life to all of a sudden police Brutality is something they would forget the stay home rule. When in the Obama administration they could have stopped several deaths by cops and others. I think this is a election year and they are using this to push their base, that is why they will not let the family talk. As we see Antifa protest Soros on not paying up the bill for paying the protesters shows up on cellphones. I think this is a State and Township investigations with Federal help and Congress input and should all be on C-Span live not behind closed doors.

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