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Democrats Unveil Comprehensive Police Reform Legislation - What's in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • Ken
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    I strongly favor a complete overhaul of policing. What we need are peace officers, not police officers. While this bill represents a good start, we also need to address the insidious impact many police unions have on local attempts to reform police conduct. Normally, I have nothing against a union protecting the workers it represents. But a normal union doesn’t have the power to shut down or limit law enforcement in an attempt to subvert or prevent disciplinary actions against their members. We don’t need any unions that protect racist thugs. I suggest that local governments be given the legal right to fire any non-elected police officer in their jurisdictions, without respect to cause, and that police fired in this manner may not be protected from prosecution for actions taken while they were still law enforcement officers. Also, police unions cannot be allowed to block implementation of local laws intended to limit the power or authority of the police of that jurisdiction.

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