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Democrats Unveil Comprehensive Police Reform Legislation - What's in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • jimK
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    Redefining ‘objective immunity’ removes a legal loophole which has prevented police departments from firing or even disciplining abusive officers. It can only be overcome for cases where there has been a prior judgement, a precedent set by a previously adjudicated case- and this definition is at the heart of the loophole. For example, if former officer ‘X’ was judged to warrant dismissal for causing the death of an apprehended person by using a restraining choke hold in a public park - that precedent by strict interpretation of ‘objective immunity’ statutes is insufficient to apply to officer ‘Y’ who does the exact same thing but does so in a public parking lot instead of a public park! This is not a joke, there have been rulings just like this! (This really highlights the need to look at the details of any legislation- a lot of bills in realty do pretty much the exact opposite of what they portend to do).

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