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Should the Police Be Defunded?
by Causes
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  • Frank
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    Defunding or abolishing police forces is a case throwing out the baby and keeping the dirty bath water. There should be little question that there is a crying need for police reform. The dirty bath water is the police culture that needs to be changed. Jurisdictions without locally governed police forces are an invitation to even greater abuse. There will be a rise in private police armies without any oversight or control. Supremacist groups will control some of these private armies and minorities will push back with the violence uncontrollable. The police culture needs to reformed away from power and cover up to adherence to Law and peacekeeping. The civil culture must also be reformed from making laws that protects abuse in the name of crime fighting. District attorneys and police officers make reputations on number of arrest and convictions, not on the justice of those convictions. The police have a term, "grabbing the low hanging fruit", grab any available law breaker and run up the charges of resisting arrest, failure to cooperate or even failure to show fear when cornered by overwhelming force. Over the years there has been to much of divide and conquer politics creating an atmosphere of hatred for anyone not like Me. The American culture must change, it should drop hyphenated Americans titles for the inclusive idea that we are all just Americans. We then might be able to recruit police officers that are really peacekeepers and crime fighters rather than criminals and black clad storm troopers.


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