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Democrats Unveil Comprehensive Police Reform Legislation - What's in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • Chloë
    Voted Support

    I fully support this because the police should not be above the law (which is what current definitions of qualified immunity allow) and police have no need to be militarized. I have a couple questions that should be clarified. How are a bias, prejudice, and discrimination in the context of race being defined? How are they measured? If it’s abstract or nebulous, it’s not enforceable and therefore becomes more pointless political posturing. Will use of force statistics properly included data regarding sexual orientation and gender identity? The use of the term “sex” here isn’t clear and may lead to exclude transgender people from statistics. What does it mean when transfer of military equipment to police will be “limited”? The meaning of this should be explicitly clear. Or preferably, transfer of military equipment should not be allowed at all. Law enforcement does not need equipment designed for military and warfare usage. They are police, not the army. Having access to more lethal equipment does not decrease use of force, violence, and death, it often increases it. If these issues and more are not addressed, I fear that legislation will have not actual enforcement power and the present issues will persist.

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